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Our favorite secret agent has had many famous lines. Whether vanquishing villains or seducing the next femme fatale, James was never tongue tied (pardon the pun).

Below is a sampling of some of the finest quotes over the years listed by the films they occurred in.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film : Dr. No
Year : 1962
Actor : Sean Connery
Key Babe: Honey Ryder
Key Villain: Dr. No
Bond: I admire your courage, Miss...
Sylvia Trench: Trench...Sylvia Trench. I admire your luck, Mr....
Bond: Bond. James Bond.

Honey Ryder: Looking for shells?
Bond: No. I'm just looking.

Dr. No: The Americans are fools. I offered my services, they refused. So did the East. Now they can both pay for their mistake.
Bond: World domination. The same old dream. Our asylums are full of people who think they're Napoleon. Or God.

Bond: I think they were on their way to a funeral.

M: When do you sleep 007?
Bond: Never on the firms time sir.

Q: It hits like a brick through a stain glass window.

M: 007...
Bond: Sir?
M: Just leave the Beretta.

Bond: Both hands on the wheel, Mr. Jones, I'm a very nervous passenger.

M: You carry a 00 number, it means you have a licence to kill, not GET killed!

Bond: I hope he cooks better than he fights
Puss Feller: Nobody's died from my cookin', yet.

Bond: Make sure he doesn't get away.

Bond: That's a Smith and Wesson, and you've had your six.

Dr. No: East. West. Just points of the compass. Each as stupid as the other.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: From Russia with Love
Year: 1963
Actor: Sean Connery
Key Babe: Tanya Romanova
Key Villains: Blofeld, Rosa Klebb
Tanya: The mechanism is... Oh James, James... Will you make love to me all the time in England?
Bond: Day and night. Go on about the mechanism.

Bond: ( Opens the door and throws hat to the coat hanger) And for my next miracle I... (sees M behind the door and follows him into his office)
Moneypenny: It'll be a miracle if he can explain where he's been all day!

Bond: Moneypennny, let me tell you the secret of the world.

Bond: Red wine with fish...Well that should have told me something.

Horrible woman.
Bond: Yes, she's had her kicks.

Blofeld: May his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one.

Tanya: I think my mouth is too big!
Bond: It's just the right size... for me that is.

Blofeld: What do you have to say about that....Number Three?

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Goldfinger
Year: 1964
Actor: Sean Connery
Key Babe: P*ssy Galore
Key Villains: Goldfinger

(After electrocuting the guy in the bathtub.)
Bond: Shocking. Positively shocking.

Bond: Who are you?
P*ssy: My name is P*ssy Galore.
Bond: (pauses) I must be dreaming

Bond: I think that's enough, Goldfinger, you've made your point.
Goldfinger: Choose your next witticism wisely, Mr. Bond, it may be your last.
Bond: Do you expect me to talk?
Goldfinger:No Mr. Bond I expect you to die!

Bond: Just a drink, a Martini, shaken not stirred.

Bond: Ejector seat, you're joking.
Q: I never joke about my work, 007.

P*ssy: What happened? Where's Goldfinger?
Bond: Playing his golden harp.

Bond: You know he kills little girls like you.
P*ssy: Little boys too.

Bond: Run along dear, man talk.
(slaps Dink on the butt)

Bond: So your off duty?
P*ssy: I'm completely defenseless
Bond: So am I

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Films: Thunderball
Year: 1965
Actor: Sean Connery
Key Babe: Domino Derval
Key Villain: Emillio Largo
Bond: That looks like a woman's gun.
Largo: Do you know a lot about guns, Mr. Bond?
Bond: No, but I know a little about women.

(After getting picked up by Fiona Volpe)
Fiona: Some men just don't like to be driven.
Bond: No, some men just don't like being taken for a ride.

(after entering Paula's room and nudging the bathroom door open with his foot.)
Fiona: Oh!
Bond: Hello
Fiona: Aren't you in the wrong room, Mr. Bond?
Bond: Not from where I'm standing.

(After making love to the femme fatale Fiona Volpe.)
Bond: You don't think I enjoyed what we did this evening, do you? What I did tonight was for King and country! You don't think it gave me any pleasure, do you?
Fiona: But of course, I forgot your ego, Mr. Bond. James Bond, who only has to make love to a woman and she starts to hear heavenly choirs singing. She repents and immediately turns to the side of right and virtue, but not this one. What a blow it must have been, you having a failure.
Bond: Well, you can't win them all.

Bond: And the kitchen sink.
Felix: On you, everything looks good.

(at Shrublands)
Girl: What's happening? What's going on?
Bond: I don't know, could it be the front doorbell.

Patricia : What do you do?
Bond: I travel, a sort of licensed trouble shooter.

(After shooting Vargas with a spear gun.)
Bond: I think he got the point.

Bond: Do you mind if my friend sits this one out...she's just dead!

Bond: Uhhh...I must be 6 inches taller.

(after killing Largo)
Domino: I'm glad I killed him.
Bond: You're glad?

(Bond to Largo)
Bond: It's your SPECTRE against mine.

M: Now that were ALL here.

M: Codenamed....Thunderball.

Domino: What sharp little eyes you've got.
Bond: ...Wait 'til you get to my teeth.

Bond: (upon seeing Q) Oh no...

Patricia: Anytime...anyplace...
Bond: Another time...another place...

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: You Only Live Twice
Year: 1967
Actor: Sean Connery
Key Babe: Kissy
Key Villain: Blofeld
Tiger: Welcome...welcome to Japan, Mr. Bond.

Russian Diplomat:
The world knows we are a peace-loving people.

(As Tiger is showing Bond the shooting cigarettes)
Tiger: It can save your life, this cigarette.
Bond: You sound like a commercial.

Aki: I think I will enjoy very much serving under you!

Bond: Tiger, contact M. Tell him to send Little Nellie, repeat Little Nellie. Also tell him to send her father.

Bond: (upon seeing Q) Hey dad, did my little girl arrive alright?

Blofeld: You can watch it all on TV. It's the last program you're likely to see.

Henderson: Uhh... that's stirred not shaken, that was right?
Bond: Perfect.

Osato: Bond is dead.
Blofeld: Bond is alive. Kill Bond...NOW!

Blofeld: I had heard that you were dead.
Bond: This is my second life.
Blofeld: You only live twice, Mr. Bond.

Blofeld: This is the price of failure.

Bond: (after Hans is eaten by piranhas) Bon appetit!

Bond: (while unzipping Helga's dress) The things I do for England.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Year: 1969
Actor: George Lazenby
Key Babe: Tracy Di Vicenzo
Key Villain: Blofeld
Tracy: Suppose I were to kill you for a thrill?
Bond: I can think of something more sociable to do.

Tracy: You're hurting me.
Bond: I thought that was the idea for tonight.

Bond: This never happened to the other fellow!

Draco: She likes you! I can see that!
Bond: You must give me the name of your oculist...

Bond: I feel a slight stiffness coming on... In the shoulder.

Bond: You see, we have all the time in the world.

Blofeld: Merry Christmas 007.

Blofeld: It takes more than a few props to turn 007 into a herald.
Bond: It takes more than cutting off your earlobes Blofeld to turn you into a count.
Blofeld: I mean what I say, and I'll do what I claim.

(after one of the henchmen falls into a snow plow)
Bond: He had lots of guts!

(Bond throws a knife at a calender, hitting the number 13)
Draco: But today is the 14th.
Bond: I'm superstitious.

Bond: Good morning, my name is Bond...James Bond. Miss...

Draco: (as his secretary leaves) She also plays a good game of chess.

Bond: Will you marry me?

Bond: Moneypenny,be a dear and take a note.
MM: Ready, James.
Bond: Sir, I have the honor to request my resignation.
MM: Resignation from what?
Bond: Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Bond: It's alright, it's quite alright. She's just sleeping, you see, we have all the time in the world.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Diamonds are Forever
Year: 1971
Actor: Sean Connery
Key Babe: Tiffany Case
Key Villain: Blofeld
Bond (in an irrigation conduit, deposited by Kidd and Wint--the latter having managed to drop his cologne bottle, breaking it--to a passing rat) : One of us smells like a tart's handkerchief. Afraid it's me. Sorry about that, old boy.

(Bond coming out of the pipe)

Bond: Thank you very much. I was just out walking my rat and I seem to have lost my way.

Tiffany, my dear: We're showing a bit more cheek than usual. A pity. Such nice cheeks, too. If only they were brains.

Bond: That's pretty potent. Not the cork. Your after-shave. Strong enough to bury anything. But the wine is quite excellent. Although for such a grand meal, I would have expected a claret.
Wint: Of course. But unfortunately, our cellars have run out of clarets.
Bond (eying him): Mouton Rothschild is a claret. And I've smelt that after-shave before, and both times I smelled a rat.

Bond (after the inevitable struggle): Well, he certainly left with his tails between his legs!

Tiffany: You just killed James Bond!
Bond: Is that who that was? Well, it just goes to show no one's indestructible!

Bond: Welcome to Hell, Blofeld.

Felix Leiter: I give up. I know the diamonds are here somewhere, but where?
Bond: Alimentary, Dr. Leiter...

Blofeld: The satellite is now over... Kansas. Well, if we blow up Kansas the world may not hear about it for years.

Bond: What can I bring you back from Holland?
Moneypenny: A diamond... in a ring.
Bond: Would you settle for a tulip?
(drives off)
Moneypenny: (calls after him) YES!

Plenty O' Toole: Hi, I'm Plenty.

Bond: But of course you are.

Plenty O' Toole: Plenty O' Toole.

Bond: Named after your father perhaps.

Bond: Is Mr. Case not at home?
Tiffany: There is no "Mr. Case." The "T" is for "Tiffany."
Bond: "Tiffany" Case. Definitely distinctive.
Tiffany: I was born there! When my mother was looking for an engagement ring.
Bond: Well, I'm glad for your sake it wasn't VanCleef and Arpel!

Bond: That's a nice little nothing you're almost wearing!
Tiffany: I'll finish dressing.
Bond: Oh please don't, not on my account.

Bond: I tend to notice little things like that--whether a girl is a blonde or a brunette...
Tiffany: And which do you prefer?
Bond: Well, as long as the collars and cuffs match...(shrugs)

Marie: Is there something I can do for you?
Bond: Ye-es, as a matter of fact there is.There's something I'd like you to get off your chest (starts strangling her with bikini top) Where is Ernst Stavro Blofeld? Speak up, darling, I can't hear you!

Munger: Tell me, Commander, how far does your expertise extend into the filed of diamonds?
Bond: Well, ...hardest substance found in Nature, they cut glass, suggest marriage, I suppose it replaced the dog as a girl's best friend and that's about it.
M: Refreshing to hear there's one subject you're not an expert on...

Tiffany: I did it, I switched the tapes.
Bond: You stupid twit, you put the real one back!

Blofeld: Right idea Mr. Bond...
Bond: But wrong *****.

Blofeld: Making mud pies, 007?

Tiffany: Here!
Bond: Shoot them!

M: Need I remind you 007, Blofeld's finished, dead...

Bond: Good morning, gentlemen. ACME pollution inspection. We're cleaning up the world, we thought this was a suitable starting point.

Bond: [Bond has shoved a tape in the rear end of Tiffany's bikini bottom] *****. Your problems are all behind you now.

Bond: [tossing Chinese man around] Where is he? I shan't ask you politely next time. Where is Blofeld?
Chinese Man: Ca-Ca-Cairo.

Mr. Wint: Curious...how everyone who touches those diamonds seems to die.

Bond: Yes, what were you about to ask me?
Tiffany: James...how the heck are we going to get those diamonds down from there?

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Live and Let Die
Year: 1973
Actor: Roger Moore
Key Babe: Solitaire
Key Villain: Mr. Big (Kananga)
(Bond flips over a tarot card: The fool)
Solitaire: You have found your self.

Bond: There seems to have been a mistake. My name is...
Mr. Big: Names is for tombstones, baby. Take this honky outside and waste him.
Bond: Waste him? Is that a good thing?

Bond: Now promise you'll stay right here, I shan't be too long.

Bond: Well, well. A genuine Felix Lighter.

Solitaire: Is there time for Lesson #3?
Bond: Certainly. There's no point going off half-cocked.

Bond: Butter-hook!

Tee Hee: Mr. Bond, it's good to see you again.

Solitaire: Well that wasn't very funny...now, what are you doing?
Bond: Just being disarming, darling.

Quarrel Jr: Where in the hell can the man be?
Felix: Relax, he must have gotten tied up somewhere.

Tee Hee: There are two ways to disable a crocodile, you know.
Bond: I don't suppose you'd care to share that information with me?

Bond: Lesson number four: follow the scarecrows.

J.W. PEPPER: A secret agent! On whose side?

J.W. PEPPER: By the power, invested in me, in this parish, I hereby do commandeer this vehicle and all those persons within. And that means you, smart ass!

J.W. Pepper: I got you call my brother-in law Billy Bob. He's got fastest boat in the whole damn river. Yea, call Billy Bob.

J.W. Pepper: WHAT THE F...(rest of quote blocked out as Bond's speedboat flies over him)

Rosie: There's a...
Bond: Oh, the snake...you never seem to know where there's a mongoose.

Felix: YOU WHAT?!

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: The Man with the Golden Gun
Year: 1974
Actor: Roger Moore
Key Babe: Mary Goodnight
Key Villain: Scaramanga
Bond: Who would want to put a contract out on me?
M: Jealous husbands, outraged chefs, humiliated tailors. The list is endless!

Scaramanga: I like a girl in a bikini. No concealed weapons.

Nick Nack: If you kill him, this will be all mine.
Bond: I've never killed a midget before, but there can always be a first time.

Nick Nack: Are ready Mr. Scaramanga?
Scaramanga: Ready.
Nick Nack: Are ready Mr. Bond?
Bond: Ready.

Bond: I hope you can swim, Goodnight.

Scaramanga: My golden gun against your Walther PPK. Each of us has a 50/50 chance.
Bond: Six bullets against [your] one?
Scaramanga: I only need one.

Bond: He even found me quite '***-alating'

AH, you're hurting my arm!
Bond: I'll break it if you don't tell me where those bullets go...

Saida: AAAAAH!, I've lost my charm!
Bond: Not from where I'm standing.

J.W. Pepper: You're not thinking that...
Bond: I sure am, boy!!

Bond: (after firing one of Lazar's guns at him) You're quite right. An inch too low.

Goodnight? ...... Goodnight? ........... GOODNIGHT?!
Bond: Good night, sir. (hangs up)
Andrea:Tall, slim, dark...
Bond: Says my aunt.
James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: The Spy Who Loved Me
Year: 1977
Actor: Roger Moore
Key Babe: Major Anya Amasova | XXX
Key Villain: Karl Stromberg
(Q gives Bond the Lotus, and Bond is ready to drive off)
Q: Now pay attention, 007. I want you to take great care of this equipment. There are one or two rather special accessories..
Bond: Q, have I ever let you down?
Q: Frequently! (says while slamming the car door (slamming it not too hard though))

(Bond and girl in the snowy mountains in the teaser. Bond is about to leave on skis)
Cabin Girl: But James, I need you!
Bond: So does England!

XXX: James, what would our superiors say?
Bond: They're never going to know.
M: 007!
General Gogol: Triple X!
Minister: Bond, what do you think you're doing?
Bond: Keeping the British end up, sir.

M: Well done James!

Bond: Would you like me to drive?
XXX: Quiet! Watch this.. (backs the truck -and Jaws- against a wall) Shaken, but not stirred.

Bond: It'll bring tears to your eyes.

Bond: Hope you enjoyed the show..... Goodnight.

Bond: He just dropped in for a quick bite.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Moonraker
Year: 1979
Actor: Roger Moore
Key Babe: Dr. Holly Goodhead
Key Villain: Hugo Drax
Hugo Drax: Why did you break up the encounter with my pet python?
Bond: I discovered it had a crush on me.

Female Receptionist: Could I interest you in something?
Bond: I'm tempted to say yes immediately but I think I'd maybe have a look around.

Hugo Drax:Look after Mr. Bond. See that some harm comes to him.

Jaws: Well, here's to us.

Holly: Come on, Mr. Bond! A 70 year old can take 3G's.
Bond: Yes, well problem is there is never a 70 year old around.

Holly: You know him?
Bond: Not socially, his name is Jaws he kills people.

Holly: James
Bond: I think it may be time to go home.
Holly: Take me around the world one more time.
Bond: Why not?

Drax : You seem to have missed, Mr. Bond. (Sniper falls from tree)
Bond: Did I?

Bond: Sorry about that.

(after pushing Drax into the Airlock aboard the Moonraker)
Bond: Take a giant step for man.

M: What's Bond doing?
Q: I think he's attempting re-entry, sir!

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: For Your Eyes Only
Year: 1981
Actor: Roger Moore
Key Babe: Melina Havelock
Key Villain: Aristotle Kristatos
Blofeld: Mr. Bond! Mr. Bond! We can do a deal! I'll buy you a delicatessen — in stainless steel! Pleeeeeease....
Bond: All right, keep your hair on.

(Bond walks into a church and into the confession booth.)
Bond: Forgive me father, for I have sinned.
Q: That's putting it mildly, 007.

Bond: (to Bibi) You get your clothes back on, and I'll buy you an ice cream.

Melina: For your eyes only darling.

Bond: Well, I trust you have a car?

Bond: By the way, Melina, we haven't been properly introduced, my name is Bond...James Bond.

Bond: He had no head for heights.

Bond: Stinging in the rain?
Q: That's not funny, 007.

Bill: Well get cracking, 007!

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Octopussy
Year: 1983
Actor: Roger Moore
Key Babe: Octopussy
Key Villain: Kamal Kahn
Vijay: Is he still there?
Q: You must be joking! 007 on an island populated exclusively by women? We won't see him till dawn!

(Bond and Q are floating in a hot air balloon)
Bond: I trust you can handle this contraption, Q?
Q: It goes by hot air.
Bond: Oh, then you can.

Bond: Thank god for hard currency!

Q: (being hugged by a bunch of girls at Octopussy's palace) Stop that, we've got to rescue 007...maybe later.

Bond: Fill her up please

Bond: Vijay, the money I gave you. Rupeeah!!!

Bond: Q, I'll need a new suit. Someone stuck a knife through my coat.
Q: They missed you, what a pity.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: View to a Kill
Year: 1985
Actor: Roger Moore
Key Babe: Stacey Sutton
Key Villain: Max Zorin
Bond: The name's Bond. James Bond.
Fire Captain: Yeah, and I'm Dick Tracy and you're still under arrest.

Mayday: What a view.
Zorin: To a kill.

Mayday: Someone will take care of you.
Bond: Oh! You'll see to that personally, will you?

Bond: Well just don't stand there Tibbit, unpack my clothes.
Tibbit: Yes sir.

Mayday: Get Zorin for me!

Bond: Don't count on it, Zorin.

Bond: Fly in his soup.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: The Living Daylights
Year: 1987
Actor: Timothy Dalton
Key Babe: Kara Milovy
Key Villains: Georgi Koskov, Brad Whittaker
Kara: Where's Necros?
James: He got the boot.

Koskov: I'm sorry James. For you I have great affection, but we have an old saying: "Duty has no sweethearts"!
Bond: We have an old saying too, Georgi. And you're full of it!
Bond : Just taking the Aston Martin out for quick spin Q.
Q: Be careful, 007! It's just had a new coat of paint!

Kara: What is this?
Bond: I've had a few optional extras installed.

Linda ( the lady on the Boat): Won't you join me?
Bond: Better make that two.

Bond: Sorry! (holding up Kara's cello with a bullet shot in it.)

Kara: You did it! We're free!
Bond: Kara, were inside a prison in the middle of a Russian airbase in Afghanistan!

Bond: If it has to be done. I'd rather do it!

M: Oh Blast!

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: License to Kill
Actor: Timothy Dalton
Key Babe: Pam Bouvier
Key Villain: Franz Sanchez
Pam Bouvier: Oh god, it's Heller!
(after Heller's corpse comes through a wall impaled on the tines of a forklift truck)
Bond: Yeah, looks like he came to a dead end.

Felix: Where the hell are you going?
Bond: Let's go fishing!

Sanchez: (to Lupe) What did he promise you? His heart? (to his henchman) Give her his heart.

Bond: Watch the birdie, you bastard...

M: We're not a country club, 007!

Bond: Well, it looks like this is "A Farewell to Arms".

Heller: You're not going to believe who this guy is.
Sanchez: Former British agent.
Heller: How'd you know that?
Sanchez: Because I know things.

Bond: Compliments of Sharky! (shoots the guard, dives in the water)

Bond: Then you have my resignation, sir!

(After knocking out one of Dario's men)
Bond: He's had enough.

M: You were supposed to be in Istanbul last night.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Goldeneye
Year: 1995
Actor: Pierce Brosnan
Key Babe: Natalya Simonova
Key Villain: Alec Treveylan
Caroline: I enjoy a spirited ride as well as the next girl, but...
(She's interrupted by Bond looking away from her. Xenia drives up beside them)
Caroline: Who's that?
Bond: The next girl.

(As Zukovsky hears the click of Bond cocking his gun)
Zukovsky: Walther PPK, 7.65 millimetre. Only three men I know use such a gun. I believe I've killed two of them.
Bond: Lucky me.
(Another man cocks his gun and puts it to Bond's head)
Zukovsky: I think not.

Natalya: What else do you call your bottom?
Bond: Huh?
Natalya: It's Boris' word game "You sit on it, but you can't take it with you."
Bond: Chair.

Bond: Beg your pardon, forgot to knock! (punches the Russian guard.)

Bond: Morning Q, sorry about the leg. Skiing?
(Rocket shoots out of the cast)

Alec: For England James?
Bond: No. For me.

Q: Don't touch that! That's my lunch.

006: James, for England.
007: For England, Alec.

Alec: Closing time James !
Bond: Buy me a pint!

Bond: SHut the door Alec, there's a draught!

Alec: Why don't you be a good boy and die?
Bond: You first. (points the gun at Xenia) You second.

Boris: I am invincible !

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Tomorrow Never Dies
Year: 1997
Actor: Pierce Brosnan
Key Babe: Wai Lin
Key Villain: Elliot Carver
Admiral: With all due respect, M, sometimes I don't think you have the balls for this job.
M: Perhaps not. The advantage is, I don't have to think with them all the time.

Bond: I always wondered how I would feel when I saw you again.
(Paris slaps him in the face)
Bond: Now I know. Was it something I said?
Paris: How about the words,"I'll be right back".

Q: Thought you would pay more attention to a female voice.
(Welcome! Please fasten seat belt.)
Bond: I think we've met.

Bond: Backseat driver.

Q: Grow up, 007.

Bond: I think we understand one another.

(When the valley driver gets into Bond's car and it talks)
Bond: Don't let her push you around.

Wai Lin: Don't get any ideas Mr. Bond!
Bond: I wouldn't dream of it.

Bond: You forgot the first rule of media, give the people what they want!

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: The World Is Not Enough
Year: 1999
Actor: Pierce Brosnan
Key Babe: Christmas Jones, Elektra King
Key Villain: Elektra King, Renard
Bond: [in bed with Jones] I was wrong about you.
Dr. Christmas Jones: Yeah, how so?
Bond: I thought Christmas only comes once a year.

Bond: I've always wanted to have Christmas in turkey.

Elektra King: I could've given you the world.
Bond: The world is not enough.
Elektra King: Foolish sentiment.
Bond: Family motto.

Q: Stop, stop, it isn't finished!

Elektra: James you can't kill me, not in cold blood!

Elektra: There's no point in living if you can't feel alive.

M: BOND!!! (Bond runs in and shoots the lock.)

Elektra: You won't shoot me. You'll miss me.
(Bond shoots once, killing her)
Bond: I never miss.

Bond: Q's not going to like this (after his BMW is cut in half).

Bond: You're not retiring any time soon....are you?

Bond: If he's Q, does that make you R?

Bond: (In the torture chair) One...last...screw.

Renard: I knew you couldn't shoulder the responsibility.

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Die Another Day
Year: 2002
Actor: Pierce Brosnan
Key Babe: Jinx
Key Villains: Gustav Graves
Bond: You know, you're cleverer than you look!
Q: Hmm... still, better than looking cleverer than you are.

Bond: Can I expect the pleasure of you in Iceland?
Miranda Frost: I'm afraid you'll never have that pleasure, Mr. Bond

(At the party in the ice palace of Gustav Graves)
Bond: Vodka martini. Plenty of ice, if you can spare it.

Frost: I suppose Mr. Bond has been explaining to you his "Big Bang" theory.
Jinx: Yeah, I think I got the...thrust of it.

Q: Now a new watch. This is your 20th I believe.
Bond: How time flies.

Bond: Don't blow it all at once!

Q: Need I remind you, but a perfect marksman isn't really supposed to shoot his own boss.
Bond: (rubbing his eyes) Check the replay, you'll find he's dead, she's only got a flesh wound.

Graves: Time to face destiny.
(Bond pulls his parachute harness, Graves hangs on the rim of the window)
Bond: Time to face gravity!

Mr. Kil: I'm Mr. Kil.
Bond: Now there's a name to die for.

Bond: I'm checking out. Thanks for the Kiss of Life.

Bond: My usual suite, please.
Snooty Desk Clerk: [sarcastically] Do you have a credit card... or any luggage, Sir?

Bond: So you live to die another day.

M: Your no use to any one now.

Man in hotel: (When Bond walks through the hotel wet and half dressed, a man in the background exclaims) No tie!

Bond: (after slashing Graves' wrist with the fencing sword) Do you want to continue?
Graves: Of course I want to bloody continue!

Q: Your new transport.
Bond: I think you've been down here far too long.

Q: Here's the manual, should be able to shoot through that in a couple of hours.
(Bond throw the manual in the air, and the Aston Martin's shotguns shoot it to shreds)
Just took a few seconds, Q.

Bond: I've been missing the touch of a good women.
Jinx: Who says I'm good?

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Casino Royale
Year: 2006
Actor: Daniel Craig
Key Babe: Vesper Lynd
Key Villain: Le Chiffre
Dryden: True. How did he die?
Bond: Your contact? Not well.
Dryden: Made you feel it, did he? Well, you needn't worry, the second is...
[Bond shoots Dryden dead with silenced Walther P99]
Bond: Yes, considerably.

Steven Obanno: Do you believe in God, Mr LeChiffre?
LeChiffre: No. I believe in a reasonable rate of return.

Bond: Well, since "double-0's" have a short life expectancy, your mistake will be short-lived.

Bond: Vodka Martini.
Bartender: Shaken or stirred?
Bond: Do I look like I give a damn?

Bond: Sorry, that last hand nearly killed me.

M: You've got a bloody cheek.
Bond: Sorry, I'll shoot the camera next time.
M: Or yourself!

M: Christ, I miss the Cold War!

M: Bond! What the hell are you up to?
Bond: I'll call you back. (hangs up on M.)

Vesper: How was the lamb?
Bond: Skewered. One sympathises

Bond: Do you want a clean kill or do you want to send a message?

Bond: I've got a little itch, down there. Would you mind?

Mr. White: Hello?
Bond: Mr. White? We need to talk.
Mr. White: Who is this?
(Bond shoots Mr. White in the leg)
Bond: The name's Bond. James Bond.

Bond: [laughing - after being stuck five times with a knotted rope] Now the whole world's gonna know that you died scratching my balls!

Bond: Please, give him a chance to win his money back.

Vesper: I'm the money.
Bond: Every penny of it.

Bond: (To Vesper) Find Mathis, tell him I've hidden the bodies down here, do that now.. go, GO!

Vesper: You're not seriously going back in there, are you?
Bond: I wouldn't dream of it.

Bond: You want to do what to me?
Vesper: You've lost me completely.

Bond: You know, I think I'll call that a Vesper.
Vesper: Because of the bitter aftertaste?
Bond: No, because once you've tasted it, that's all you want to drink.
Bond: I thought that was a good line.
Vesper: It was a very good line.
Bond: But you're laughing at it.
Vesper: Not so much it as you.
Bond: Well, that's fine then.
Bond: I've figured out what that is. It's an Algerian love knot.
Vesper: Really? I thought it was just something pretty.
Bond: No you didn't. Someone gave that to you. He's a very lucky man.

Vesper: You can switch off so easily, can't you? It doesn't bother you, killing those people?
Bond: Well, I wouldn't be very good at my job if it did.
Vesper: I don't believe you. You've got a choice you know. Just because you've done something doesn't mean you have to keep doing it.

Bond: I think something is driving you. And I think I'll never find out what that is.

Le Chiffre: I'm afraid that your friend Mathis is really ... my friend Mathis.

Le Chiffre: The only question remains, will you yield in time?

Le Chiffre: You really aren't going to tell me, are you?
Bond: No, no.
Le Chiffre: So I think ... (Kicks Bond's chair down and takes out his knife.) I'll feed you what you seem not to value.

Le Chiffre: I'll get the money. Tell them. I'll get the money.
Mr White: Money isn't as valuable to our organization as knowing who to trust.

Mathis: Anything else you remember? Anything that can help us?
Bond: Help us? Or help you?

Vesper: I can't resist waking you. Every time I do, you look at me as if you haven't seen me in years. It makes me feel reborn.
Bond: If you'd just been born ... wouldn't you be naked?
Vesper: You have me there. You can have me anywhere.
Bond: I can?
Vesper: Yeah. Here. There. Anywhere you like.
Bond: Does this mean that you're ... warming to me?
Vesper: Yeah. That's how I would describe it.
Bond: It's just that not so long ago, I would have described your feelings towards me as ... I'm trying to think of a better word than "loathing."
Vesper: I'm afraid I'm a complicated woman.

Bond: Vodka martini.
Bartender: Shaken or stirred?
Bond: Do I look like I give a damn?

James Bond Quotes - James Bond Wiki
Film: Quantum of Solace
Year: 2008
Actor: Daniel Craig
Key Babe: Camilles Montes
Key Villain: Dominic Greene
Bond: "How much time have I got?"
Felix: "30 seconds."
Bond: "That doesn't give us a lot of time, does it?"
Audio on Entertonement

M: "Find Bond!"

Bond: (To Mr. White) "Are you going to tell us who you work for?"

M: "When you can't tell your friends from your enemies, it's time to go...."
Bond: "You don't have worry about me."

Bond: "This man and I have some unfinished business."

M: "What I do need to know, Bond... I need to know that I can trust you. Would have to be a pretty cold bastard, didn't want revenge for the person he loved."
Bond: "You don't have to worry about me. I'm not going to go chasing him... he's not important."

Bond: "Its seems we're both using Greene to get to someone."
Camille: "You lost somebody?"
Bond: "I did."
Camille: "You catch who ever did it?"
Bond: "No, not yet."
Camille: "Tell me when you do, I'd like to know how it feels."

Bond: (To Mathis) Right now I think you're the only person I can trust.

Bond: "Have you ever killed someone? Your training will tell you that when the adrenaline kicks in, you should compensate... but part of you isn't going to believe the training because this kill is personal. Take a deep breath, you only need one shot. Make it count."

Greene: "Careful with this one, Mr. Bond. She won't go to bed with you unless you give her something she really wants. It's a shame because she's really quite stunning once you... get her on her back."

Greene: "You two do make a charming couple though, your both what's the expression... 'damaged goods'?"

Felix: "You know who Greene is and you want to put us in bed with him, you aren't kidding, right?"
Beam: "Yeah, you're right, we should just deal with nice people."

Bond: (listening to Mr. Greene and the others talk via earpieces) "Can I offer an opinion? I really think you people should find a better place to meet."

Bond: (to Agent Fields) "I can't find the um... the stationary. Do you want to help me look?"

M: "Bond, I need you back."
Bond: "I never left."

Greene: "You should know something about me and the people I work with. We deal with the left, or the right, with dictators, or liberators. If the current president had been more agreeable, I wouldn't be talking to you. So, if you decide not to sign, you will wake up with your balls in your mouth and your willing replacement standing over you. If you doubt that, then shoot me, take that money, and have a good night's sleep."

Bond: "I bet you make it 20 miles before you consider drinking that... goodbye, Mr. Greene"

Tanner: Mam the CIA are incisting...
M: I don't give a **** about the CIA, they've trumped up everything. He's my agent and I trust him.

For more quotes from James and others visit our friends at E-Quotes!

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